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Chemical-free Agriculture.

USP (Unique Selling Point)

Current flow.png
Observe the current experience
  1. ​As the user takes a photo of food with the AR camera, the screen will show up the circle that is calculated through patent-pending AR technology.

  2. This allows cameras to collect, send, and process data in order to show a precise portion relevant to what the user is shooting at. Meanwhile, users can manipulate the size and type of food manually.

  3. After taking photos, the dashboard will then show a table that includes different types of food and how much users have eaten based on the photos they had taken.

  4. Users can also access the gallery which lists out all the meals and how many fists they recorded.

  5. Free trial allows the user using all the features in the application for 14 days since the first day launched. After the trial expired, the user needs to subscribe monthly or yearly.

Problems Finding
  • People have no idea what the circle means when they take a photo for the first time.

  • Similarly, the user won’t understand why do they have to choose a different size for the circle.

  • When turning the circle indicator into the fist shape, it hardly sees the shape.

  • Empty state was designed to show the sample, yet may confuse users whether the data is from them or not.

  • ​People have no idea what the circle means.

  • Colours were applied in the application without consistency and meaning.

  • Layers show a lack of hierarchy.

  • Using emoji without text may not have enough clarity.

  • Subscription page has no adequate information to specify the difference between a free trial and a subscription. Information wasn’t arranged in a aesthetic way to capture users’ eyes.


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May 2022 - July 2020


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